World Championship Success

Jack Leahy Takes Silver Medal at 24th Tumbling World Championships 2015

Milton Keynes Gymnastics qualified two boys Jack Leahy (12) and Benjamin Goodall (17) to travel with the Great Britain team to the 24th FIG World Age Group Tumbling & Trampolining Championships 2015 held in Odense, Denmark between the 3rd to the 6th of December. The event was set to be a historic competition with team GB sending out their biggest tumbling squad to date.

Saturday 5th December 2015

First up of the Milton Keynes Gymnastics boys was 17 year old Benjamin Goodall, After being called up at short notice due to an injury he was out to prove a few things to everyone including himself that he deserved to be there. After a tough year of competitions and a fair few ups and downs it was time for the qualifying rounds to commence. Ben was up against some serious athletes from all over the world including current World Champions from the previous years so this added to the pressure immensely not only that Ben was in fact one of the last boys to compete overall putting all eyes on him when he stepped up onto the tumble track. After performing two amazing routines which were by far some of the cleanest routines so far Ben had qualified in 6th position. Scoring an incredible 33.400 on his first routine and 33.500 on his second combining together to make a total of 66.900 with only the top eight advancing through to the finals held later that evening. To add to it all Ben was in fact the highest qualifying gymnasts from the GB team in his age group and proved to everyone he was there to do his job to the fullest.

After a good few hours it was time for the finals with all eight boys looking to go for that World Championship title. Ben stepped up his game for the finals putting out a much harder end skill than in the qualifying rounds, a triple twisting double straight somersault (Miller) on the end to finish gave Ben a huge score of 34.400 putting him within just one mark of 3rd and placing Ben 5th in the World. What a fantastic achievement for Ben, family, coach and club. What makes this event and achievement so much more special is that this is the last time Ben can compete in the age groups before moving to senior level in 2017 when the next World Championships will be. Coming from the back as the reserve / underdog Ben came out on top as the highest placed and scoring Great Britain team member. Michael French (Personnel Coach) flew out to support Ben and got to witness such an amazing competition and couldn’t be any prouder of what Ben has accomplished over the years they have been together. From everyone at Milton Keynes Gymnastics especially your coach congratulations Ben you have worked so hard and deserve everything.

Finals Results Below

Sunday 6th December 2015

Up next from the Milton Keynes boys was none other than 12 year old Jack Leahy competing in his second year of the 11 – 12 age group. This was the last day of the competition so the arena was completely filled with gymnasts and spectators from all over the world. Jack was last to go out of the GB boys and did not disappoint whatsoever, thundering down the tumble track and performing nothing more than beautiful routines he landed everything without hesitation. After routine number one scoring 31.600 completing a huge double twisting double tuck somersault Jack was up there on the scoreboard with the best in the world. After a long wait it was time for Jack to compete again this time scoring another impressive score for routine number two of 30.700 this gave jack a combined score of 62.300 qualifying him in 3rd place and into the finals later that evening.

The long wait was over and it was now for the finals to commence. This was the last round of tumbling for the entire event so all the boys competing had the attention of the entire arena. With this being the youngest age group eligible to compete at such a monumental competition everyone was excited to see what these future senior athletes where brining to the table. With three mighty Russian gymnasts the two GB boys had their work cut out to push their way up the rankings for the medals and that’s just what they did.

Jack held nothing back when it was his turn to go he powered his way down the run up entering into his first skill and kept the power and speed going right through the very ending lifting up yet another double twisting double tuck somersault and sticking it right56 on his feet with a bare minimum step on landing. The entire Great Britain team and spectators lifted the roof off the arena clapping and cheering such a hugely talented gymnast. As everyone waited patiently for his score to come up on the board Jack turned around to see he was in 1st place scoring 31.600 with only two more boys left to go so he was guaranteed a medal no matter what. Alexander Drozhinin from Russian was unable to topple Jack off the top spot with a score of 31.000 placing him 2nd. Last but not least it was William Cowen current World Champion and team mate to Jack he put out an impressive routine. With all eyes on the scoreboard and tension growing so much his score came in at 32.200 pushing Jack into 2nd place overall. This was an absolutely amazing achievement for Jack as last year at the 2014 World Championships he was only able to come away with 8th place so this event couldn’t have been much better for him at all. All year Jack has worked and worked with his coach on his execution scores and getting neater throughout everything. From a 2nd place at the British Championships to 1st place at the Great Cup, Russia he is now number 2 in World.

Jacks family flew out to support him along with his coach and all got to share in the success that Jack has. A truly inspirational athlete to all and we look forward to seeing just what this talented young man can bring to the table in later years, already performing skills far past his age Jack is most definatly one to keep a close eye on.

This both Jacks and his coach Michael French greatest achievement together and we wish them both the very best of luck for the future and hope to see much more where this came from. Once again from everyone here at Milton Keynes Gymnastics congratulations you have done your country proud (Team Great Britain)

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