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British Championships 2016 Qualifying Success

In the 9 – 10 girls Naana Oppon stole the show in the first event with all eyes on her.  As the current British Champion, she competed a new skill making her the first girl to ever compete a full twisting double piked somersault in this age group!  After competing both runs Naana had obtained a qualifying score of 66.700 beating all girls in her age by nearly 10.0 whole marks. Not only did Naana compete a new skill but her score was in fact the highest of the day including the senior men’s section. In the second event Naana again dominated her age group scoring a huge 62.900 confirming without any doubt she will be making her way to the British Finals in July.

Daisy Copestake was the second of the girls to obtain a great qualifying score.  After making some mistakes in her first competition she had a great deal to prove to herself and everyone in the next event that she has what it takes to compete  amongst the best in her age group.  With a score of 59.100 and an overall qualifying position of 4th Daisy is one to watch being at the younger end of her age group she has the potential to push the top girls and her teammates.

Following the girls it was time for our 9 – 10 boys to take the stage. First up out of the boys to qualify from MK was Freddy Liggins, performing some extremely neat and high execution routines.  His first score at Spring Series 1 was 53.500 which was enough to seal his place. Even though Freddy was very neat there was still room for improvement at his next competition, and that is just what he did with an improved score of 54.300. Freddy is now well on his way to this year’s British Championships with a great deal more we are excited to see what he brings to the table.

Bobby Candler was next up after not making the British Championships last year he had a great deal to prove. In his first event of the year nerves got the better of him and with some mistakes he only scored 51.000 which isn’t enough to qualify. He now only had one more chance to get required score and position or it would be another year of missing out on such a fantastic event. Getting back into the gym and training on what had gone wrong for him he went into the second event with a much clearer mind and knew exactly what needed to be done. Delivering a score of 56.400 and a fantastic 3rd place Bobby will now be on his way to British.

Gabriella Miles was next up in the 11 – 12 girls category, this was an extremely tough age group as Gabriella only moved up this year so the competition was very tough. Putting all that aside and unlucky in her first competition missing out on the score Gabriella redeemed herself hugely in the second competition and managed to finish in 11th place with a score of 54.500 this being enough to send Gabriella to the British Championships on top of all the pressure of competition Gabriella in fact managed to perform some new and exciting runs giving herself a huge confidence boost as she heads on to the British.

The infamous Milton Keynes Trio were next up the first of the 3 was Jake Parry after having a fantastic year last year Jake has moved up into the 11 -12 categories which is a by no means an easy move. Going up against previous World finalists he had a great deal to prove and he did just that scoring a well-deserved 55.800 in his first competition he took the 1st place prize and gold medal securing his spot at the British Championships. Putting out some new routines and skills Jake has his eyes firmly set on aiming for the title of British Champion.

Next up of the trio was the current British 9 – 10 boys champion Malakai Bojang moving up the age groups into 11 – 12 he had a big job to do to make score. Malakai had only returned to training on track a few weeks before due to severe Oedema swelling in both feet down to the bone marrow. This is a serious injury and has meant Malakai had to be out of training since November 2015. With the upmost desire to perform and be in the top spot he returned at full force, only competing in one of the two competitions he had his sights set on gaining the required score and that’s just what he did with a 56.200 and a 4th place spot he can now breathe a sigh of relief and now knows what he needs to do heading into British.

Finally it was Robert Missens time to shine and prove he also has what it takes to become British Champion. After making some mistakes in his first competition he still managed to achieve the score needed with 53.000. Knowing he could show more to everyone Robert headed into the second event and set the bar much higher, scoring 57.400 he moved into 2nd place and took away a silver medal. Moving forward to the British Championships this trio of gymnasts will ones to watch all with a chance to get the crown. Robert carrying a high level of execution can lead the way for the club with Malakai and Jake bringing the difficulty they are a leading force and all at the bottom end of the age group ready for next year when they become the older end of the 11 – 12 section. 

The next category was the most anticipated the 13 – 14 Boys this contained two of the more dominant forces of tumbling one of them being Milton Keynes very own Jack Leahy. Jack returning from his World Championship success in 2015 and a silver medal he had his sights set on being number 1 this year and accepting nothing less. In his first competition of the year Jack came in second with a huge score of 63.800 and his rival just taking the 1st place spot again making Jack that much more hungry to close the gap and beat the current World Champion. In the second event all eyes were on the two boys as they took to the stage to perform some new routines and skills far past their age levels. Jack performed a triple twisting double tuck somersault which is the first time this has been done by a first year 13 – 14. Unfortunately Jack stumbled on landing and this affected what could have been a winning performance. Still scoring 62.600 and a silver medal he has everything to fight for at the British Championships as the gap between himself and William Cowen is closing.

Kai Richardson had to follow the World number 1 and 2, and he did so with no problems at all setting an impressive score of 56.100 he sealed the deal on his place at the British Championships, after having to withdraw last year due to injury he has everything to prove and will hopefully push the top boys and fight it out in July. Kai has come on a big way recently and is now learning skills needed to reach the top spots, this year is going to be a big challenge for Kai if he hopes to push for National Squad and the possibility of world trials next year.

The 15 – 16 boys were the next up both Jacob Tuck and Kieran Craig had a big task ahead of them with both making slight mistakes in the first event the were unfortunate not to make score and had to go into the second series with a clear mind and a big focus on obtaining the required score. Jacob was up first and did not disappoint with a double straight and a full twisting double Pike both on his feet he scored a 57.600 and now looks to improve his routines in difficulty and see what he can push towards in July a fantastic performance for a gymnasts who’s been in the sport for a little over 6 months great result.

Kieran followed up and again performed as well as he could landing both his runs and obtaining the required score for qualification. 55.900 was needed and Kieran scored a 56.200 topped off with a full twisting double tuck which was a first for him and putting this skill into an elite level competition. Kieran now has everything to work for heading into the British Championships.

Rhianna Mackenzie was next up in the 17 – 18 women category. This was going to be no easy task for Rhianna due to her quitting the sport back in September 2015. Returning a little over 2 months ago Rhianna has worked her way back up the ladder and can proudly say she is a member of the National Squad and has in fact achieved her needed qualifying score with a fantastic 56.700 Rhianna now has everything to gain by going forwarding and competing in her 3rd British Championships in a row. To return to sport is one thing but to return in to sport at a high performance level is truly and inspiration and we wish her the best of luck.

The 17 – 18 boys were next up James Odwell and Dominic Wyatt both had a tall task ahead of them with some serious skills and runs required to even get close the qualification score needed to see them advance to British.

James achieved score on both competitions with his highest being 59.300 to secure his place and high hopes of obtaining British Title standards. James runs contained multiple twisting somersaults and transitions along the way which are extremely difficult and take a huge amount of commitment and training.

Dominic Wyatt was next up falling short of the required score in his first competition he was set on making it the second time round and that’s just what he did, upgrading and improving after spring series 1 he showed he has what it take this time round. After completing his passes his final score was 59.400 and this was enough to attend his first British Championships.

Benjamin Goodall will also go through to this year’s British Championships due to qualifying through last year’s World Championships after making the finals and coming 5th. Due to injury Ben was unable to compete at either of the Spring Series Events but will for sure attend the British in order to show he’s still well within contention for the British Title injuries or not, so we will look forward to seeing what Ben can pull out of his bag of tricks.

Last but certainly not least it was time for the senior men to have their turn. Dylan Zastron was first up and set the bar high, with a double straight transition leading to a huge triple tuck somersault he lead the competition in Coventry performing well in his twisting run he was top of the table with a 64.300 he had done more than enough to secure his place at the British after having to withdraw last year due to a knee injury. Following the event he went into the second and again improved once again with a final score of 68.500 Dylan has a great deal to prove to everyone including the National Coaching team, as next year he has his sights set well on World championship trials.

The British Championships senior category will be the highlight of the weekend and will be the one to watch.

William Breslin will also be attending the British Championships after failing to obtain the score at both competitions due to mistakes he flew out to Shanghai, China to compete in the World Cup. After an impressive display he came away with 10th place and was awarded a wildcard into the British Championships. William has come a long way in a short space of time and has a huge amount of talent and skill. We are looking forward to seeing what will can do as he will be attempting some much newer and improved routines that will test himself and apply a great deal of pressure on the senior men section.