Before each session, please ensure your child is in good health and physically able to participate. Follow the advice of your doctor regarding any infectious illnesses (e.g. chicken pox).

Notify your child's session coach of any health issues, special situations, or any other issues that may currently be upsetting or affecting your child (e.g. bullying at school, illness of a relative).

Please ensure we are kept informed of any medical conditions that may affect their participation.

If your child has any chronic or ongoing medical conditions, you should make us aware of these when your child first joins the club and subsequently as issues arise.

PLASTERS - Covering cuts is importantas it reduces the risk of infection, promotes healing and also prevents blood coming into contact with other children. it is our policy to apply adhesive dressings to any minor abraisions, which will allow your child to continue with their class. Please inform us if you are unhappy for this to be done.

VERUCAS, etc. - Minor foot infections can be spread during any activity where participants have bare feet, but are typically most commonly spread via wet surfaces (i.e., swimming pool changing areas) and less so via the floor surfaces found in the gym. if your child has a verruca, please cover it; we are happy for them to wear socks  if they will feel more comfortable.

Long hair must be tied back neatly, using a plain elastic hair band, (NOT hair accessories, flowers, butterflies, etc).

A leotard, or shorts and tshirt, must be worn.

CONTACT DETAILS - For the safety and welfare of your child - ABSOLUTLY MAKE SURE we have your up to date contact details. ESPECIALLY mobile phone and email address


All fees are due to be paid on the 1st of each month, all invoices will be emailed to you directly.

Failure to do so will mean a £10 late administration charge will be added to your account.

We do not offer to refund fees for classes your child misses. Except in exceptional circumstances.

If we are forced to cancel a recreational or squad class (for instance, because of bad weather, facilty or staffing problems), we will always to our best to provide an alternative class to make up for the lost gym time. if it not possible to re-shedule a particular class, we will offer gymnasts the appropriate discount in the following fees.

British Gymnastics Insurance is compusory to be a member of our club. This is the paid yearly and must be paid in full by the last week of Spetember. If this is not paid along with our annual club memebership your child / gymnast will be unable to participate in any classes at the club.


Should you wish to leave the club a months notice period is required and full payment for that month will need to be made. failure to give a notice will result in an invoice being sent to you for payment. please be advised YOU are responsible for the setting up of your standing orders to the club for fees. if you leave the club without notification or cancellation of your current standing order then the club will not offer any refunds due to this being YOUR responsibilty.

We share information with British Gymnastics , our sporting governing body, for the purposes of running a compliant British Gymnastics club, and for providing the necessary insurance cover for gymnasts.