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Recreational Gymnastics

Our recreational gymnastics classes offer children of school age a structured 1 hour lesson.

Our Monday - Saturday recreational gymnastics classes offer children from 4yrs at full time school to 12 years* a structured 1 hour lesson.

The classes follow a detailed plan which means that each gymnast will follow a programme that allows them to progress to the next level once they are ready and able.

The sessions are great fun for all levels.  We start with a group warm up and then they are split off in to smaller groups and rotate on to two / three apparatus appropriate for girls and boys finishing with conditioning and stretching each session.

The gymnasts also work towards different badges, from  7-1.  These are completed 3 times per year, they will also be asked to participate in club competitions, approximately 2 per year.  Assessments are made on a regular basis by your child's coach to ensure your child is progressing.

The badges and competitions provides the gymnasts with a sense of achievement and helps build confidence.

All weekday recreational classes are bookable in advance:

Contact: for class days and times.

Call / Email us today to book your childs taster session.

Our Recreational Gymnastics sessions start at £32.00 per month to continue your childs gymnastics here with us at Milton Keynes Gymnastics.

There is also an annual fee of £26.00 for insurance and membership when signing up

(this fee runs from 1st September to 31st August, if you join later in the year this maybe less)

* If your child is older than 12 please contact the gym to see if we have a class available to accommodate them.

We are VERY busy at the moment, so please contact the gym at before starting your child in a class for the first time.  Thank you for your understanding.