Pre-School Gymnastics

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Preschoolers learn best through play and we have a strong emphasis on fun and enjoyment at Milton Keynes Gymnastics!

We want the children to enjoy their first experience of the sport and preschool teaches them important skills such as balance, co-ordination, mental and social skills.

This 45min session starts with a 15 min themed warm up including music and movement, we then incorporate basic skills & circuits on the apparatus, together with learning through play that change on a monthly basis. 

Adventure Gym - Weekday - 2 - 3 Years

This is the first step to getting your child familiar to the gym environment. It is a bridging class from Play Gym to Mini and Kiddi Gym (below). This is a ‘parent-involved’ class where the parent stays with the child to ease them into the equipment and coaches.   The child is to be 2 -3 years.

In this class, the child will gain confidence in themselves and develop a trust in the coaches; getting them ready for the next class without the parent.

Sessions are 45 minutes long and cost £4.30 for the parent and child.

Gap Gym - Saturdays - 2 - 3 Years

Our Guardian Assisted Preschool (GAP) sessions are perfect for an early morning Saturday adventure for you and your child to explore the gym with our coaches, learning lots and having fun on multiple stations and different equipment.

Sessions are 45 minutes long and cost £5.20 for the parent and child

If your child is under 2, or you simply want to play, then please come along to our play gym sessions.  

Mini/Kiddie Gym - Weekdays - 2.5 to 4 Years old

These classes start to become more structured and include a fun musical warm-up, free play on our soft play and mini gym equipment and sometimes the big stuff! This class is coach assisted so parents can stay and watch in our viewing gallery or have 45 minutes out and leave the children in the capable hands of the pre-school coach. In this class we teach basic gymnastic shapes, balances and co-ordination. Gymnasts follow our pre-school award system of Bronze, Silver and Gold. These awards are based on very basic gymnastics and co-ordination skills and are a fun way to reward the children for their time.

Sessions are 45 minutes long and cost £5.20 we suggest pay as you go for the first 2 sessions to ensure your child likes the class and then you will be asked to sign up and pay a month in advance via standing order.

We ask that these sessions are booked in advance.  Please contact