Adult Gym

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Have you ever wished you could do that amazing stuff you see on u tube? Well, now you can learn! With the biggest foam pits in the region and sunken trampolines right next to them you can practice somersaults and tricks until your hearts content! The tumble track and fast track (long trampoline) also lead straight to the pit.

Our adult gym sessions are suitable to all abilities and anyone over 16. You will have free run of the whole gym which includes the tumble track, fast track, bars, rings, trampolines, vault and floor. There is always a coach on hand to help you with anything you would like to master.

We welcome everyone over16 years of age, from beginners to ex-gymnasts and current gymnasts of course. Whether you are a complete beginner, did gymnastics as a child or still train, you will still learn lots here.


Adult Gym Timetable

All our Adult Gym sessions are now back up and running

Monday's - Tuesday's - Wednesday's - Friday's 8:30pm - 10:00pm

Please Email: to book

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