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COVID - 19 UPDATE 06/09/2020  

A Message From Our Director & Trustees #Teammk 

Dear Parents

Having been on car park duty all week for the new intake, can I thank all parents for sticking to the protocols. Our Risk Assessor did a spot check and our car park, arrival and departure procedures got a big tick in the box. One thing the Risk assessor did advise was for us to publish again the procedures for dealing with any Covid like symptoms. The schools are going back over the next few weeks and as a result, he suggested that there will be lots of coughs, colds and viruses circulating, as there is every year. The procedure for dealing with possible Covid symptoms are set out below.

Funnily enough this week we have had our first cough scare. We followed the procedures and suspended the coaches and training bubble concerned for 24 hours whilst the gymnast was tested. Fortunately, it came back negative so the coaches and children are back in the gym.

If your child has a cough or other symptom, you must stop your child coming to their gym lesson and get them tested immediately. Indeed if anyone in your household shows symptoms, please get tested. This can be done by ringing 119.You should notify us of the position and self-isolate until the result is received (normally within 24 to 48 hours).When you notify us that your child is going for a test we will immediately cancel that bubble lesson and notify the parents of the group and the coaches that there is an issue and not to come to the gym and to be cautious. Those other children or coaches do not require a test at this stage, but should self-isolate.

As soon as we are notified of the outcome of the Covid Test, we will act as follows. If negative, which the majority of tests will be, we will contact everyone in the bubble and advise them that they can return to the gym for the next lesson and stop isolating.

If we are told the test is positive we will immediately notify all parents of children in the bubble and ask that you get your child tested as a matter of urgency. The coaches will be tested immediately. We will fully co-operate with the Test and trace regime, although we should be ahead of their requirements. From then on we will act appropriate to the test results that come back. We will also look at what opportunity for cross infection there has been and act accordingly. Inevitably, we will need to undertake a deep clean of the entire building to ensure it is safe for those that are not affected. At all times we will keep everyone informed and anyone who has tested positive will need to produce a negative test after 14 days isolation before returning to the gym

The key to this, is good communication, which is why we require the phone number, email address and postal address of every gymnast that comes to the gym.

Finally, can I thank everyone again who has been coming back to the gym for complying with the protocols we have imposed for drop off and pick up etc. It is your adherence to the rules that will ensure we have fewer problems and issues to deal with. The car park will get much busier as the month progresses and as we slowly increase the numbers using the gym. Your continuing support and compliance with the rules will keep us all as safe as we can make it.



Chair of Charity Trustees


Milton Keynes Gymnastics.  Fun for all.  Developing Champions.

At Milton Keynes Gymnastics, we are proud to say that we are the home of champions; World, European, British, Regional and County champions in fact!  We are equally proud to say that we are home to thousands of children who simply want to have fun and enjoy the wonderful sport of gymnastics.

The facilities at our club are one of the biggest and best purpose-built centres in the country; enabling children to develop to their full potential.

Our coaches and staff are fully committed to provide fun, excitement and care, in addition of course, to expert technical coaching. All are CRB checked and qualified in their particular discipline. Our coaches are continually expanding their knowledge and expertise by attending higher level coaching qualifications; some have achieved the extremely high accolade of ‘High Performance Coach’.

To find out more, please call our reception team on 01908 586500.

The club is based at the Kingston centre just behind Tescos in Milton Keynes. The gymnasium is 40 metres by 40 metres with a dance studio and Parkour Centre built in. We have a cafe area with a built in seating gallery as well as changing rooms and showers for both males and females.

We run sessions for babies in play gym, after school gymnastics and trampolining all the way up to adults.

Most of our coaches are previous champions, including our two head coaches who represented the club, at county, region and at international competitions on numerous occasions.

We operate a 'No Videoing' policy.  We do not allow any videoing of our training sessions.  This is to protect our gymnasts and coaches within the building.  However, it is permitted at competitions and displays.  


Milton Keynes Gymnastics, 15 Winchester Circle, Kingston, Milton Keynes. MK10 0BA 

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